Liquid Handling Software Update: Tempest 2.9

What's New in Tempest Version 2.9?

Tempest 2.9 provides the latest improvements to make your work easier. Here is a quick preview of the developments for Tempest 2.9.

Introducing the Always prime before dispense Option

The latest Tempest software provides you with Always prime before dispense option, which allows you to automatically prime the chips before each new dispensing process. You can enable this option in the Dispense tab in the Options menu. This option prevents air from mixing with the reagent during dispensing, which gives you a more accurate dispense volume. For more information, see Using the Options Menu.

Always prime before dispense option in the Dispense tab

Plate Holder Movement Improvement

The plate holder movement sequence has been updated so that you can use Tempest more easily. Now when you pause the dispensing process, the plate holder will move the plate to its loading position, allowing you to easily access the plate. When you continue the dispense, the plate holder will move the plate back to its last position.

Improved Motion Control Pad

Now you can control the Tempest motion control pad using the keyboard keys (i.e. W, S, A, D, Page Down, and Page Up keys), allowing you to easily adjust Tempest’s movements when calibrating the Tempest’s stage or configuring a new plate type.

Minor Software Changes

Tempest has added several minor changes for better usability. Other changes include:

  • Improved the license handling for a safer upgrading process.
  • Added API access for non-administrator or standard users.
  • Added stacker and plate clamp controls to all motion control pads.


Release Notes


 Many of the best Tempest updates have been suggested by our awesome user community!

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