On-demand Webinar: Miniaturization of a Quantitative PCR Assay for High-content Screening

July 06, 2017 by Thomas Rawlins Leave a Comment
JHMI Logo BlueYellow.gif In this on-demand webinar segment, Dr. Srinivasa Sripathi from the Johns Hopkins Medical Institute presents his work regarding optimization of 2 µL qPCR reactions as part of a webinar hosted by Labcyte and FORMULATRIX®.
Using the MANTIS® Liquid Handler from FORMULATRIX and the Echo® from Labcyte, Sri has increased his lab's throughput to a level sufficient for high content screening of drug candidates. labcyte_logo_large.png

In this webinar clip, Sri explains how the Echo and MANTIS Liquid Handlers complement each other for sample and reagent transfers in the context of high-throughput qPCR.  Further, Sri considers the benefits of automation, and provides overarching recommendations for qPCR experimental design.

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