On-demand Webinar: Optimizing Single-cell RNA-Sequencing Workflows

June 09, 2017 by Thomas Rawlins Leave a Comment
1280px-University_of_Warwick_logo_2015_with_descriptor.svg.png In this webinar, Dr. Nathan Archer from the University of Warwick presents his work regarding optimization of SMART-Seq cDNA synthesis reactions as part of a webinar hosted by TakaraBio and FORMULATRIX®.
Using the MANTIS® Liquid Handler from FORMULATRIX, Nathan has been able to analyze enough single-cells to develop a methodology for characterizing 3' bias in RNA-seq libraries. Takara Logo.png

 In this webinar clip, Nathan explains that enzyme processivity impacts bias in characteristic and correctable ways.  Further, Nathan considers automation, and provides overarching recommendations for Single-Cell RNA-sequencing experimental design.

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