Liquid Handling Software Update: Tempest 2.8

February 28, 2017 by Drajat Sukoco Leave a Comment

Tempest 2.8 provides the latest improvements to make your work easier. Here is a quick preview of the developments for Tempest 2.8.

Import Your .CSV Experiment Designs Using the DoE Converter

Tempest now provides a Design of Experiment (DoE) converter feature to conveniently load your .CSV file into Tempest and save your work as a protocol for future dispenses — making your work much faster. The DoE converter also enables you to select the chip type for your experiment. The software will automatically assign your reagents in the Input Control Panel based on your selection. For more information, see Converting Design of Experiment (DoE) Files.

DoE File Converter window.png
DoE File converter window


Product Maintenance Notification

Scheduling maintenance for your Tempest instrument is essential to prevent any possible hardware issues and to maintain the system’s performance. The latest Tempest software will remind you to schedule hardware maintenance with our technical support once every ten months after the software license activation. This notification will appear as a pop-up message when you open the Tempest software for the first time. A message will also appear in the bottom right-hand corner of the Tempest interface. The message will automatically disappear from the Tempest software after maintenance.

Product Maintenance notification.png
Product Maintenance Pop-up Message


Many of the best Tempest updates have been suggested by our awesome user community!
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