Liquid Handling Software Update: Tempest 2.7

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Tempest 2.7 brings some big improvements to make your work easier. Here is a quick look at some of the new developments for Tempest 2.7.

Support for Tempest Hardware V3

With the new design and faster performance, Tempest V3 dramatically improves your dispensing experience. Using Tempest V3, you have the flexibility to dispense into deep well plates and adjust the pressure and vacuum values to match your reagents liquid class. For more information, see Hardware Overview.

Tempest V3 

Deep Well Plate Dispensing

The latest Tempest hardware and software now support dispensing into deep well plates. You can configure the setting for deep well plates on the Plate Type EditorFor more information, see Adding Plate Types to the Plate Type Library.

Deep well plates setting in the Plate Type Editor


Configurable Pressure and Vacuum Settings

You can now configure your reagents’ pressure and vacuum settings in the Liquid Classes menu. This feature enables you to adjust the pressure and vacuum values based on the type of reagents you are using. For more information, see Configuring Pressure and Vacuum Settings.

Pressure and Vacuum Regulator settings in the Liquid Classes menu

Featuring Administrator and General User Modes

Tempest now enables you to manage your access settings in two different modes: administrator and general user access. This feature allows an administrator to create dispense settings/protocols and password protect them. General users can use those settings/protocols, but will not be able to change any of the locked settings. Configure your prefered modes through the Security settings in the Options menu. For more information, see Using the Security Settings.

Security setting in the Advanced option tab

Plate Orientation Flexibility for Easier Integration

Tempest 2.7 includes the option to flip the orientation of incoming plates in order to easily accommodate integration with other automation systems. Now if your workflow includes feeding plates into Tempest at a 180 degree rotation, you can easily adjust for this by changing the Plate Orientation option on the Dispense tab in the Options menu. For more information, see Using the Options Menu.

Plate Orientation setting in the Dispense option tab

Pause and Resume Your Dispense with a Single Click

You can now pause your dispense and resume it whenever you want, giving you more control over your dispenses. This feature is especially useful when you want to change reagents during the dispensing process. In this case, you can pause, change your reagents, and then resume the dispense with a single click. For more information, see Device Control Panel.

Pause Dispense button

More Ways Tempest 2.7 Can Make Life Easier

  • Added a notification to change out your pipette tips after a wash process.
  • Motor Skip Notification: If, for any reason, a motor skips during a dispense, the system will reset to the home position and warning message will appear with the option to continue the dispense or abort.
  • Integration Information: When running an integration service, Tempest will display the IP address and port where the Tempest API is activated.
  • Updated API documentation.
  • Improved Tempest Z-stage movement for better reliability.

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