Liquid Handling Software Update: Mantis 3.7

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Mantis 3.7 provides the latest improvements to make your work easier. Here is a preview for the Mantis 3.7 developments.

Easily Import Your .CSV Experiment Designs Using the DoE Converter  

Mantis 3.7 provides a Design of Experiment (DoE) Converter feature to conveniently load your .CSV file into Mantis. Now you can design a dispense quickly, without having to rewrite all of your experiment parameters. You can access the DoE converter in the File menu by selecting Convert From DoE. For more information, see Converting DoE Files.

DoE Converter window


Double Recovery for Continuous Flow Chips

A double recovery option has been added for Continuous Flow chips, allowing you to save more of your precious reagents. If you activate this option, Mantis will execute two recovery cycles to recover reagents from Continuous Flow chips. For more information, see Double Recovery for CF.

Double Recovery for CF option


Conserve Electricity - Automatic Pump Shut-off to during Long Delays

In order to conserve energy, Mantis now automatically turns off the pump for any dispense delay lasting for longer than five minutes. The desired time span for this feature is configurable in the Mantis configuration file. If you want to modify the default time, contact Formulatrix support for help.


Dispense Indicator on the Plate Designer

The latest Mantis software enables you to quickly see which well the system is currently dispensing. If you activate this feature, the active well will flash on the Plate Designer during the dispense. To access this option, simply go to the Tools menu, select Options, and then click the Advanced Options tab: Use Dispense Visualization. For more information, see Executing a Plate Dispense.


Indicator-1.pngDispense Indicator on the Plate Designer


More Ways Mantis 3.7 Can Make Life Easier

  • API improvement: Added the ability to load Protocol and Reagent Configurations.
  • Use the keyboard keys to control the Mantis arm movement during hardware calibration or drop alignment.
  • Renamed the "Fix Drop Alignment" option into the "Deck Geometry Correction" option.


Many of the best Mantis updates have been suggested by our awesome user community!
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