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FORMULATRIX® will be exhibiting at ASHG 2017 this week in Orlando, Florida. Stop by booth 528 to see the new CONSTELLATION® Digital PCR System, a novel microfluidic platform that provides high-throughput absolute quantification of up to 5 target DNA or RNA molecules for EvaGreen or probe-based digital PCR applications.  

Benefits of the system include:

  • Throughput - Run between 96 and 768 samples in a single run
  • Speed - Process up to 192 samples per hour
  • Full Walkaway Automation - One instrument from sample to quantification
  • Flexibility - Select 8,000 or 36,000 partitions for various applications
  • Familiar Sample Prep - Simply pipette samples and mastermix into a plate
  • Power - Multiplex to quantify up to 5 nucleic acid targets per sample

 More information about the CONSTELLATION can be found in the press release.

At the booth, also learn how the MANTIS and TEMPEST Liquid Handlers can supplement traditional liquid handling platforms and promote reproducible science by increasing accuracy and precision at volumes as low as 100 nL.

FORMULATRIX Liquid Handlers are designed for applications such as NGSPCR, and Assay Optimization where decreasing reaction volumes and associated dead volumes allows researchers to conserve precious reagents.  Especially in Single Cell RNA-Sequencing and High Throughput Screening, the MANTIS and TEMPEST facilitate a higher sample throughput, and subsequently, the generation of more meaningful data.  

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