Gencove Implements Efficient and Reproducible Sequencing to Accelerate Genomic Discoveries

February 27, 2018 by Thomas Rawlins Leave a Comment

Gencove is paving the way to accessible and interpretable personalized DNA sequencing through utilization of Low-Pass Whole Genome Sequencing (LOW-PASS WGS). Unlike other personal genomics companies, Gencove sequences their customer's DNA, allowing them to uncover variants outside the scope of traditional Genotyping Arrays.


However, sequencing can be expensive, and in order to prepare thousands of NGS libraries cost effectively, Gencove worked with the Innovation lab at the New York Genome Center to identify the most efficient and reproducible automated sample preparation tools available. To our delight, the MANTIS® Liquid Handler was selected as the tool-of-choice for nucleic acid normalization in Gencove's high-throughput library preparation workflow!

photo1  2-1.jpg

To learn about Gencove's approach to personalized sequencing, the impact on precision medicine, and how Gencove achieves cost effective NGS library preparation, we spoke with Kaja Wasik, CSO and Co-founder in this Customer Spotlight from FORMULATRIX®.

Click Here to Download  Gencove's Customer Spotlight

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