Tempest 2.6: Create Your Liquid Class and Experience the Improved Plate Type Editor

June 06, 2016 by Astri Leave a Comment

Create a New Liquid Class with a Single Button

A Create New button has been added to the Liquid Classes menu. You can now easily create a new liquid class by copying and modifying an existing liquid class to better fit your reagent's characteristics. 

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Save Time with the Improved Plate Type Editor

Tempest software now saves you more time by including an Auto Update Mode in the Plate Type Editor. You no longer have to update each reference point to assign the reagent drop position — now just define the X, Y, and Z values on the first row and Tempest will automatically update the rest. This is especially helpful when using plates with a large number of wells. 

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Other ways Tempest 2.6 can provide a better user experience:

  • Ability to choose either the small or large diaphragm to dispense first in the Advanced options.
  • Configurable pressure and vacuum settings.
  • Sequences can now be moved in the Sequence Editor using an easy drag-and-drop operation.
  • New recirculation feature in the Application Programming Interface (API).

Have a great idea on how to make Tempest better? Let us know by contacting us at support@formulatrix.com!

Many of the best Tempest updates have been suggested by our awesome user community.

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