Tempest 2.4: Improved barcode scanner, Improved Recirculate tab, 3-Step Wash Option

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The Tempest 2.4 update includes the following updates:

Improved Barcode Scanner. You can now choose to set the barcode scanner to one of two options: Load Dispense List or Log Dispense. If set to Load Dispense List, the barcode scanner will set up a dispense list for each plate in a multi-plate dispense. If set to Log Dispense, the Tempest will dispense the same dispense list to each plate in the stackers while recording each plate number in the dispense log.

New Barcode Position Tuner. Occasionally, barcode position misalignment may prevent the barcode scanner from reading a plate's barcode label. The new Barcode Position Editor enables you to adjust barcode scanner position in order to correct this problem.


Three-Step Wash Option. A 3-Step Wash option is available for a more convenient way to clean the Tempest chips using water and wash solution. The new option is available on the Wash tab in the Options menu. When this option is selected, the Tempest will always wash its liquid lines with water, then wash solution, then again with water.

3-stepwash options

A ‘Prime after pull air gap’ option. A ‘Prime after pull air gap’ option has been added to the Dispense tab in the Options menu. This new feature gives you option to enable or disable the priming process after pulling an air gap, a process where the Tempest retracts the remaining reagents in the nozzle after a dispense or when it is in idle mode.

Improved Recirculate tab with 'Prime between plates' option. A "Prime between plates" option has been added to the Recirculate tab. When this option is selected, the Tempest will prime the reagents before the pre-dispense and dispense processes in each plate. Selecting this option can improve dispense volume accuracy by preventing air bubbles.

Prime between plate

More Intuitive Plate Type Editor. If the plate height in the Plate Type Editor is changed, the stacked height value will calculate automatically for more accurate stacked dispenses.

Plate Height in Plate Type Editor

Dispense Summary. The Tempest now records dispense logs for each dispense, fulfilling documentation needs required for certain applications.

8-7-2015 5-57-21 PM

New Dispense List Save option. You now have the option to save a dispense list using either the desired dispense volume, or actual dispense volumes. "Save Dispense List" saves the experiment with the desired dispense volumes, and "Save Dispense List (Actual Volume)" saves the dispense list with actual dispense volumes based on limitations of the chips.

Estimated Dispense Time. A new Estimate Dispense Time button Estimate Run Dispense Time button has been added to the Device Control Panel. Clicking it displays the estimated dispense time in the status bar at the bottom of the screen.

Additional API functionality. The Tempest now offers greater control over its moments via the API, such as moving to specific X/Y/Z positions; loading and unloading stackers; and reading the barcode. For more information, see Running Experiments with the API.

Chip settings moved to the Chip Family tab. To prevent users from accidentally changing the chip type, the HV/LV option is now located in the Chip Family tab of the Options menu.

Chip Family

Simplified reagent circulation control. The reagent recirculation options are now easier to use. Advanced options are now only shown once you enable the recirculation feature.

Recirculate-YesNo option

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