Mantis 3.1: Configure all chips and inputs at once; improved Plate Typed Editor; new protocol editor

January 14, 2015 by Astri Leave a Comment

Configure All Chips and Input Types at Once. It can be time consuming to configure each chip position individually if each chip and input type at all of your chip stations is the same. The new Mass Update Inputs button allows you to make changes to multiple chip stations at once.

update all inputs

Improved Plate Type Editor. You can now add a custom number of wells per plate, so you are not limited to what is packaged into the software.

Plate Type Editor-wells

Setup and Dispense List Template (Protocol) Editor. A template editor has been added to the Mantis software, allowing you to create and save Mantis hardware setup configurations and plate designs, either independently or together, so you can quickly set up the software for future dispenses.

Protocol List 2

Circular Plate Support. You can now add circular plates in the Plate Type Editor by defining the center of the plate and the "A1" location, and then entering information about how many wells there are on the plate.

Circular Plate Tab 1

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