Tempest 2.3: Improved plate handling, reagent recirculation settings, and Plate Type Editor

October 09, 2014 by Astri Leave a Comment

The Tempest 2.3 release introduces the following new features:

More efficient plate handling for experiment designs that require a reaction time. The Tempest can now parallelize dispensing multiple plates with time delays, dispensing initial reagents sequentially and restacking during the time delay. Previously, this type of experiment design required dispensing each plate one at a time, waiting the allotted time period while the plate remained stationed on the Tempest’s plate holder, and finally adding the final reactant (e.g. buffer) before beginning to dispense a new plate. This change equates to much faster complicated plate dispenses.

Restack Delay

Finer control over reagent recirculation. The Tempest Options menu now includes a Recirculate tab where you can set recirculation to depend on either “machine idle” or “input idle”. If you select machine idle, the Tempest will recirculate reagents only when the entire Tempest has been idle for a set period of time. If you select input idle, the Tempest will recirculate all inputs when any of the inputs has been idle for the allotted time.


Simplified Plate Type Editor.The Plate Type Editor is now easier to use. Simply select the number of wells on the plate and enter the plate height. Then, use the on-screen controls to fine-tune the position. Done!

Plate Type Editor

Change chip types with a single mouse click. Now, Tempest enables you to change chip types directly from the Tools button on the Input control panel without having to restart the software.

Quickly change dispense priority order. Dispense priority can now be edited by typing the priority number (either 1 or 2) next to the reagent in the Priority column, or dragging the reagent to the desired position in the Dispense List table.


Quickly see the estimate dispense time. A new Estimate Dispense Time button has been added to the Device Control Panel for you to quickly see the estimated dispense time on the Status Bar. The Estimate Dispense Time button is only enabled once you have dragged all reagents to positions on the input control panel.

Barcode position editor. Occasionally, misalignment prevents the barcode scanner from reading your plate barcode. The new Barcode Position Editor enables you to adjust barcode scanner position in order to correct this problem.


Minor software changes. The Tempest software has been modified slightly for better usability. Other changes include:

  • New High Volume chip and Low Volume chip icons.
  • Redesigned Delay Button.
  • Additional text in the Dispense List Designer area.
  • Removed the Constant Volume box.
  • Removed the Dispense Priority buttons from the Dispense List Designer.
  • Moved Barcode Tuning to the Tools menu.
  • Removed pre-dispense volume from the Dispense Setting tab.

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