Mantis 3.0: Continuous Flow dispensing with Pressurized Bottles; Dual Wash Stations

April 12, 2014 by Astri Leave a Comment

Continuous Flow Chips and Pressurized Bottle Dispensing. Mantis v3 introduces Continuous Flow chips to the Mantis chip lineup. When combined with pressurized bottles, Continuous Flow chips can dispense volumes from 5 µL – 2000 µL in an uninterrupted stream, perfect for setting up deep well blocks. Pressurized bottles are available as 50 mL Falcon tubes and 250 mL Nalgene bottles.  You must calibrate each reagent for use with continuous flow chips.


Deep Well Block Dispensing. Combine the Mantis v3’s height with a continuous flow chip and you’ve got a machine made for deep well block dispenses.

Dual Wash Stations. Cleaning the fluid pathways of the Mantis just got easier -- with its dual wash stations, the Mantis can now be set up with both a cleaning solution and a water rinse, or it can be configured to have double the water capacity of the Mantis v2.

Built-in Tube Holders. Six built-in tube holders are located at the right (2) and left (4) sides of the Mantis v3, ideal for large volume dispenses or frequently used reagents.

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