Mantis 2.5: Custom dispense delay messages; Improved Plate Type Editor; New Drop Alignment Wizard

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Custom Dispense Delay Messages. You can now program the dispense delay to display instructions that pertain to the delay, i.e.: “Add a reagent to Chip 1” or “Shake the plate”. Type your messages in the Message box of the Dispense List Designer.

Dispense delay_message field

More Intuitive Interface. You can now drag reagents from the Dispense List directly to a chip on the image of the Mantis. The text field below the image of the Mantis will populate with the reagent’s name.

Easier Plate Editing. When you open a dispense list, then go to edit the plate definition, the plate editor automatically opens to the plate type last used with that dispense list, eliminating the need to search for the plate definition file before editing it.

Improved Plate Type Editor. The Plate Type Editor (previously called the Microplate Editor) has been improved to make editing existing plate definitions and creating new plate definitions easier.

New Drop Alignment Wizard. Stage Tuning has been renamed and replaced with a new Drop Alignment Wizard, available from the Tools menu under Fix Drop Alignment. The wizard provides step-by-step instructions and pictures to guide you through the drop location calibration process.
New drop alignment wizad

Automatic Chip Washing. Forgetting to wash the chips when you’re done using the Mantis? No problem. We have added a “Wash After Dispense” option to the Options menu. If set to Plate, the Mantis will automatically wash the chips when a plate dispense finishes.

Automatic Reagent Recovery. The Mantis software can now be programmed to automatically perform reagent recovery after wash. This feature is helpful if you want to conserve reagent volume.

New Input Source Type Option. The Input Option window now includes Input Source Type and Pipette Prime Volume for additional control over dispense and prime volumes.

Input option



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