Mantis 2.3: Rock Maker and Formulator integration; Remote start option added

April 25, 2013 by Astri Leave a Comment

With the release of Mantis 2.3, Mantis now integrates with Rock Maker and Formulator, enabling you to dispense experiment designs created in Rock Maker or Formulator at will. Other changes include:

Mantis Integration Service. The new Mantis Integration Service (IS) setting allows you to configure remote start options.

Integration Service

User Interface Improvements. The Tools menu has changed. We added a Hand Scan option and changed Stock List and Start Integration Service to Reagent List and Show Integration Service.

Mantis menu_tools

Selecting Multiple Reagents. You can now perform actions on more than one reagent in your Dispense List at one time. For example, you can select several reagents and delete them all with a single command.

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