Tempest 2.2: Report enhancements; New Option Controls

December 27, 2012 by Astri Leave a Comment

Tempest 2.2 brings several enhancements to reports, changes to the system options, and several other smaller changes throughout the software.

Report Enhancements

Custom 'from' email address for scan and dispense reports. When the scan and dispense completes, the Tempest will send the scan and dispense report from the email address specified in the new "MailFrom" field found on the Advanced tab of the Options dialog.


More detailed scan and dispense reports. The scan and dispense report now includes more detailed information, including dispense list name, dispense start and end time, and dispense status. The report is sent to the specified email address immediately following the scan and dispense process.

Min number of small diaphragm dispenses. You can now set a minimum number of small diaphragm dispenses. Once this number is reached, the Tempest will start using the large diaphragm pump instead. Setting a min small diaphragm dispense number prevents splashing that can occur with round-well plates.
Read more about Adding Plate Types to the Plate Type Library.


New Option Controls

Stacker load position control. The new "Stacker load position" option, found on the Dispense tab of the Options dialog, allows you to set the plate load position to stage port 1 or stage port 2.

Note: If you are not using plate stackers, you can set both the plate load and unload positions to the same stage port.


Interface Changes

'Turn on Barcode Scanner' added to Device menu. The Device menu now displays “Turn On Barcode Scanner” instead of “Read Barcode.” You can now turn on and turn off the barcode scanner at will.


Wash all inputs prompt after scan and dispense. The Tempest now prompts you to wash all of the inputs after the scan and dispense process completes, eliminating the need to manually execute the Wash All inputs function.

Run dispense with protocol. When you run a dispense, you can now choose either "Run" or "Run with Protocol."

Application Programming Interface (API) changes
We made some changes to the following API methods:

  • GetDeviceStatus
  • GetDispenseListStatus
  • RunBehavior

Note: Please refer to the API documentation for details.

Support for Tempest with barcode scanner. The Tempest software now supports for the Tempest device with the barcode scanner. The Scan and Dispense tab is made available, allowing you to set up your experiment project using barcodes and enable the Tempest to automatically scan the plates in the stackers and dispense them respectively.

Dispensing protocol. The dispensing protocol contains specific dispensing settings to be used for the dispensing process. You can now create and save specific dispensing settings as a protocol. In the future, you can just simply load the protocol you made and use it in your experiment. The dispensing protocol can be used for all dispensing types (normal dispense and barcode dispense).

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