Mantis 2.2: New predispense volume option; Wash, Prime, and Recover All buttons added

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Pre-dispense Volume Application. Mantis has now pre-dispense volume application that allows you to set the pre-dispense volume to be used for the Mantis to properly prime the nozzle before the dispensing process starts, so you’ll get smoother dispensing process than ever. To specify the pre-dispense volume, click the Tools button at the desired input number, type a new value into the corresponding field, and click OK to confirm.
pre-dispense volume application
Dispense Menu Options. Two dispense menu options are now available: Detach last dispensed chip and Recover chip before detached. These options can be found on the Dispense menu under the Options of the Tools menu.

  • Detach last dispensed chip: Set True to enable the Mantis to detach and return the last dispensed chip to its port after dispense.
  • Recover chip before detached: Set True to enable the Mantis to recover the reagent in the input to its source before detaching and returning it to its port. Doing so will avoid the reagent hanging at the nozzle tip and spilling at the chip surface when you uninstall it after dispense.

Dispense options

Wash All, Prime All, and Recovery All Commands. The Wash All, Prime All, and Recovery All commands have been added to the Mantis, allowing you to easily wash and prime all nozzles and chips, and recover the reagent in all inputs at a single click. To run the commands, simply click their corresponding buttons on the Inputs Control.

Commands icon

Run Multiple Mantises on a Single Computer. You can now start multiple Mantis devices using multiple Mantis applications on a single computer and run them flawlessly to meet your experiment’s needs. You may want to copy each of your Mantis devices serial numbers to the Mantis applications to avoid random detection, so that each Mantis application will only run the specific Mantis as previously defined. To do so, go to Tools, click Open Data Directory, open Configs, open Device.config , and type the Mantis device serial number into <add key="FTDI.Device.SerialNumber" value=" " /> key. The Mantis device serial number can be found on the System Information menu, under About Mantis of the Help menu. Note that you should place each of the Mantis software on a separate directory.

Configurable Chip button. The chip button is now configurable. If you want the chip button looks differently, you can now easily change the default button and configure it as desired. Pick your favorite image and make it as your new chip button. To do so, go to Tools > Open Data Directory > Sequences directory > select the chip type button directory that you want to change (the available chip types: HighVolume and LowVolume) > copy your image and replace the button.png with the new one. For best view, we recommend that you use the same file format (png) and image dimensions (15 x 15 pixels).

Improved User Interface. The Chip Type menu has been removed from the Mantis dispense list panel and we have renamed three Device menu options, highlighted in orange.

Improved user interface

  1. Prime All: Enables you to prime all reagent inputs.
  2. Wash All: Runs the washing process to all inputs.
  3. Recover All: Runs the reagent recovery process to the reagent in all inputs to its source.

Improved Estimated Run Time. Mantis has now better estimated run time, giving you more accurate information about the time required for the Mantis to run the dispensing process. You can see the estimated run time on the status bar.
Read more about Status Bar.

API Changes. Some API changes include:

  • void InputControlDropped ( string stockName, int inputNumber );
  • void Attach ( int inputNumber );
  • void Detach ();
  • void Prime ();
  • void PrimeWithVolume ( double volume );
  • void WashWithVolume ( double volume );
  • void Recover ();
  • void RecoverWithVolume ( double volume );
  • void PrimeAll ();
  • void WashAll ();
  • void RecoverAll ();
  • void RecoverAllWithVolume ( double volume );
  • void WashAllWithVolume ( double volume );
  • void PrimeAllWithVolume ( double volume );

Important: These settings are for advanced users only! Please refer to API manual for more details.

Display a Warning Dialog if FTDI Driver Version Doesn't Match. Mantis can now notify you and display a warning dialog when a different FTDI driver version is detected. Note that you should run the Mantis device using the same FTDI driver version as the system requires. For more information about FTDI driver please go to

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