Mantis 2.1: Dispense delay feature; Backfill design tool

April 11, 2012 by Astri Leave a Comment

Dispense Delay (Mantis with ACC only). A dispense delay can now be applied to your experiment. The dispense delay allows you to set the desired delay time before dispensing process started. Two delay priority types are available: UserInput and Timer. UserInput means the system pauses the dispensing process and waits for you to take further action; you can either continue or cancel the dispensing process at that point. Timer allows you to set the delay time (in seconds) as necessary to be applied to the reagent(s).

Dispense Delay

Backfill to Well Selection. The backfill volume can now be applied to the desired wells in your experiment. To do so, simply select the desired wells on the plate view and select the Backfill option.

Backfill to well selection

Zoom Levels Indicator. The zoom levels indicator makes it easier to identify the zoom levels applied to the plate view. You can see your current zoom levels on the top-right of the dispense list designer.
Zoom levels indicator
Integration Service Monitor via Command Prompt. You can now start the Integration Service Monitor using the command prompt in Windows. To do so, simply open the command prompt and type the Mantis directory location and -s after it. For example, C:\Program Files\Formulatrix\Mantis\Mantis.exe -s.

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