Mantis 2.0: New automatic chip changer; software redesign

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Row Pitch and Column Pitch. In order to support plate types such as “MRC Maxi 48” which has a different pitch across rows and columns, the Plate Type Editor now allows you to set the Pitch Row and Pitch Column values of a microplate that will be used in your experiment.

Support for Motor Encoders. New Mantis devices have encoders that make their movement more reliable against accidental skipping (for example touching and moving the tip). This version supports both encoder equipped devices and those that are not.
Note: Go to Help > About Mantis to check whether your Mantis has motor encoders.

Redesigned User Interface. The redesigned user interface provides you easy access to key features and controls through the menus and panels located on the Mantis main screen. There are three main panels on the main screen:

  • Device Control Panel: Provides all controls to operate the Mantis device.
  • Dispense List Designer Panel: Provides all features needed to create, open, modify and save a dispense list file.
  • Dispense Setting Tab: Allows you to see and modify dispense settings on the fly, such as Plate Definition and Total Volume per well (µL)

New Experiment Designer. A new and improved experiment designer provides quick access to key features such as plate view, Excel integration, and reagent volume modification. The experiment designer has three view modes as follows:

  • Designer View: Allows you to add reagents and edit the dispense volumes.
  • Summary View: Total liquid volume to be dispensed to plate for each dispense location (e.g., well, drop 1 and drop 2).
  • Volume Error View: Shows any excessive volume due to diaphragm size rounding in percentage.

Support for Mantis with Automatic Chip Changer (ACC). Mantis Automatic Chip Changer (ACC) makes it easier to change reagents between dispenses. With Mantis ACC you can install six chips on the instrument and assign a different reagent to each chip. The Mantis will automatically select a chip and place it into the port during the dispense process. No more hassle manually changing the chip. With the ACC option enabled, you can dispense six kinds of reagents. Just assign each reagent in the dispense list to each corresponding chip port and then run the dispensing process.

Support for Mantis with Automatic Chip ChangerChip Changer Tuning. The chip changer tuning allows you to set the Mantis arms’ position to the selected port. Each chip port position needs to be tuned individually for the Mantis to be able to retrieve and restore a chip to its port. Once you use chip changer tuning to set this position, the system will always remember the tuning, saving you time in replacing the chip.

Chip changer tuning dialog

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