Automation Engineers - Unsung Heroes of Reproducible Results in Translational Genomics and Drug Discovery Research

December 30, 2017 by Paul Berning Leave a Comment

My Background

Before joining FORMULATRIX®, I spent many years in a previous role verifying equipment to ISO 9001 standards.  I worked hands-on with everything from spectrophotometers to, my personal favorite, liquid handlers.  After developing a...

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Reaction Miniaturization - A Trend in Genomics

December 29, 2017 by Paul Berning Leave a Comment

Who is asking about reaction miniaturization?

When it comes to sample preparation for NGS and PCR, there is no bigger buzz word in the market right now than “Miniaturization”. Who is talking about it? What are the benefits?

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FORMULATRIX® Refreshes Brand and Website in Anticipation of a Transition from Niche Player to Life Science Leader

December 28, 2017 by Lance Ramsey Leave a Comment

In 2002, Jeremy Stevenson, Founder and CEO of FORMULATRIX® identified a market opportunity to bring fully automated hardware and software solutions to protein crystallographers, largely increasing efficiency in the determination of protein...

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Assessment of the Dynamic Range of Standard CONSTELLATION® Digital PCR Plates

December 05, 2017 by Thomas Rawlins Leave a Comment


For applications that require a high degree of precision, sensitivity, and reproducibility, The CONSTELLATION® Digital PCR system offers a user-friendly, high-throughput, and speedy platform for the absolute quantification of up to...

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A Trade-off Between Speed and Walkaway Time in Genomic Sample Preparation

December 01, 2017 by Thomas Rawlins Leave a Comment

Preparing samples for genetic analysis by qPCR or NGS can be a highly time consuming process. Depending on the number of samples to be prepared in a single sitting, there are several automated sample preparation tools that can save precious...

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